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Space/Time is exactly what it says on the tin--you fly through space and control time.  It's an infinite-runner where the player can move through space on a 3x3 grid.  As the player accelerates through space, the targeting system begins to peel away.  Score is decided by how many Rifts the player acquires and how long they manage to stay alive.

Team Temporal

Jordan Yong - Tech Lead, Designer, Gameplay Programmer
Kaila Harris - Producer, Audio Implementation, UI Designer
Winson Han - Game Director, Audio Composition, Designer

Additional Info

Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity3D
Language: C#
Tools Used: Photoshop, GitHub, Wwise, Visual Studio 2015
Duration: 10 months
Completion: April 2017

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PublisherDigiPen Institute of Technology
Release date Apr 28, 2017
Tags64-bit, digipen, spacetime


SpaceTime_Setup.exe 26 MB

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